Nancy MooNancy Moo travels the country on her narrowboat, sourcing, making, and selling original and colourful jewellery, scarves, incense, and all manner of other wonderful stuffs.

Her flagship product is her very own, and very Brilliant BoatZega, a wonder product that cleans, exfoliates and moisturises hard-working hands, leaving them softer, cleaner, and generally more touchable.

You'll find Nancy Moo, AKA Jeanette, showing off her willy-nilly at various canalside and music festivals, or maybe you'll bump into her one day walking along the towpath with her two trusty canine companions.

Nancy now drives a big white van, you can also contact her for your transport and other van service requirements!

Check out Nancy's Facebook page to find out what she's up to and where she's heading next (:


Go to Nancy Moo's eBay shop via this link


Nancy Moo's Brilliant Boatzega

BoatZega is a wonder product that not only dissolves grease and grime from your hands, it removes paint, bitumen, superglue and engine oil, and at the same time exfoliates and moisturises!
It leaves even the most hard-working hands softer, smoother, and free from rough skin and ingrained dirt!

You'll find Nancy demo-ing this amazing product at her various events, or you can find it on eBay here.
Be warned, BoatZega has immediate beneficial effects,
so much so that 90% of people who try it end up buying it!

Contact Nancy

07422 572 173

Nancy Moo Facebook

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